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When I, of sky, moved through him. #janitzio #mexico #tbt

Poetry I | August 2015

I’m teaching a poetry course for September.

Luna Luna in the perpetual state of killing it! @lunalunamag
ENROLL! September Poetry course available at ECKLEBURG workshops! I’ll be teaching a poetry course using their streamlined online platform. 🍷📓

Apocryphal: An Interview With Lisa Marie Basile

AS:Do you think sex is always a little ugly?

LMB: I believe sex has the capacity to allow us to indulge in our notions of ugly as much as it allows us to explore the infinite beauty of being human.

Great book. About an earthquake and a young book in Chile. And a lot more.
Who are your icons and inspirations?
The cemetery where you’ll find revolutionary soldiers and Ann Hibbins (the scarlet letter)
I spent the night with him - @anne_champion, thank you
@anne_champion’s majestic beauty misses kingdom cat