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I dare not say it but I’m #6 on the amazon best selling poetry list.
Just a few of the amazing @lunalunamag logos @tedchev designed for us. (Excuse my bad photography). Hire him. #logos #graphicdesign #web #art
This year’s poetry festival left me with lots of chapbooks and shin splints. Glory!
Mind blown! I’m #39 on top 100 best sellers on amazon.
On my way to New York City poetry festival

“I’m happy when things are just kind of calm. I love going to the ocean. I love driving. I love going to shows. Just being with people I really have fun with. I love the summer. I’m happy in the summer. Love hot, hot weather. I’m happy when I’m making a record, most of the time.”

Apocryphal - Lisa Marie Basile : Small Press Distribution

Bruce covey!
Reading at Berl’s! #apocryphal
@sarahnumber4 being lovely